Loving Me is not Selfish


“Her Vibe is A T T R A C T I V E. People think she’s stuck in her own little world, but I like the fact that all she cares about is her own H A P P I N E S S.”

For so long I hated who I was, my body…I hated me. Because I couldn’t see past the hurt from so many people. The words stayed in my mind and gnawed at me like a dog with a bone. I let those words guide me into so many situations that I should have walked away from, because I couldn’t see that I was worthy of so much more. Sometimes it takes being fully broken, to see the true beauty inside. 

B R O K E N  C R A Y O N S  S T I L L  C O L O R 

It was when all my pieces were on the floor, that I saw how beautiful I really was. The light from the sun shined on them so beautifully and I could see the colors sparkle. I was beautiful, I was broken but I was GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL! I let my worth be determined by wether a man loved me, I thought if he didn’t love me then there was something wrong with me. We have all been brainwashed in to believing that we need to be loved by someone else to feel beautiful. When in reality we just need to love ourselves and the one worthy enough will come along. But it all starts with loving you! 


This dress was too damn beautiful to walk away from. Walmart $14.99!

Do the things you love, stop worrying about wether others like it or not. If it’s safe and no one is getting hurt then go and do it! Wear that outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks! Buy that special thing you have been eyeing for so long. Do what makes you happy, stop worrying about them for a second. It’s time to love you! 

I am conceited and I will not apologize for that! LOL … I deserve to feel amazing not because some one told me I was, but because I know I am. When you feel like you are a million dollars, you don’t care about the 2 cents people think they can throw in. I got enough. 



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