When in Doubt Wear Red

*WARNING – Swears . . . sorry, not sorry lol

Ribbet collage.jpg    “L E T S  B E  H O N E S T, I ‘ M  D O I N G  A L L  T H I S  S H I T  F O R  T H E  S H O E S”

God Damn, Somedays you just feel like you can do anything! Yes, you should feel like that everyday. But let’s be honest there will always be days you doubt that voice…but DON’T! When you know you can do it, you are going to fucking do it! 

pexels-photo-90297.jpegPhoto.Valerie Boltneva

Every since I was a young diva, I always loved the GLAM, it was so beautiful to me. Dressing up like you were going walking on the red carpet. Watching Hilary from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and just awing her outfits. Thats when I knew I was a FASHIONISTA. 

Ribbet collage2Photo.Clem Onojeghuo

When ever I get up and dress up, ohhhhhhhh I feel like I can conquer the world! For me it’s F A S H I O N that gets my blood running. Whatever it is for you, don’t stop. That passion is what keeps you going. When we give up the thing we love, we stop being ourselves. Don’t do it for the attention, don’t do it for the money . . . do it for the feeling. 

“I F  M O N E Y  D I D N ‘ T  E X I S T , W O U L D  Y O U  S T I L L  C H A S E  T H E  D R E A M”

If your answer isn’t “Hell Yes” than you need a new passion. 



Ribbet EditFASHION

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