Make $ $ $ , Fall in love later

“I reclaimed my magic when I stopped tending to your garden, and started watering my own. I reclaimed my magic when I started wanting myself more than I want you.”             – Iambrillyant *Check him out on Instagram @Iambrillyant

His words are butter to toast  = S M O O T H 


Why is it that we put our all into someone so much that we start to lose ourselves. We have all been there after a hurt or a breakup we feel numb and many woman spiral. It floored me to see myself this way.  I started to question everything about myself. 




Really!? YES YOU ARE!? YOU ARE A QUEEN BITCH! Just because some one hurts you or you breakup with the love of your life it does not change how you look. Go ahead look in the mirror, you still look the same right!? So if your face still looks the same, why does your beauty change, just because they hurt you or left. 

You deserve happiness, love, fun, success and so much more. It doesn’t stop because of one set back. You are worthy of all that . . . sometimes we need to lose something or someone to be able to see what we really need.

Does a rose lose it’s beauty just because you cut off the dead stems . . . NO! you put it in some water and it thrives! 

Thrive Gorgeous! 

*and NO! Don’t become a lumberjack, but definitely if one comes a knocking . . . be my guest! *Sips Margarita *

Ribbet collage

A  Q U E E N  C A N  B U I L D  H E R  E M P I R E  W I T H  T H E  S A M E  B R I C K S 

B E I N G  T R O W N  A T  H E R

When we are younger the focus is on marriage, beauty, cooking, cleaning etc. Yes all that is fine and dandy. But what happened to goals! Why are we not teaching our young women goals, break that glass ceiling. For men we tell them get a job, don’t focus on all those women.

(I will have another post on why showing our young boys how to have emotions is such a necessity…that will be in DIVA TALK this week) 

However, on TV, Movies, Books, Social Media, just everywhere is telling our women you need a man. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting some A R M  C A N D Y . . . but that should not be your goal in life.  

For so long I was taught by words, experiences, the things I saw around me that I needed a man . . . this mindset put me into some horrible situations. I thought I needed him, I thought I was less without him. I stayed and let my self suffer, all for the warmth of a man who didn’t give a shit. But that was because I had no self – worth and I admit it! No one had taught me that my first love should be myself. 

BUT NOW GIRRRRRLLLL! You can’t tell me nothing! 


“Getting My Shit Together. Because the Lifestyle I’ve got planned for me is pretty expensive”


Girl, you are a

G O D  D A M N  G O D D E S S ,

A  F U C K I N G  W A R R I O R 

A N D 

O N E  H E L L  O F  A  Q U E E N

Nothing no man, no battle, no person, NOTHING! can change that

So Beautiful stop giving your all to a man

Love you

Date you

Marry you

Once you do that nothing else matters, its all pennies to a million dollar worth of self love



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*let me know if you would like more on self – love, my goofy, but from the heart ways I have come to love all that is me.

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