From a girl who had no clue who she was to a woman who’s confidence is designer. I am in love with fashion and the art of coming up with looks. But for a long time I didn’t feel good about myself to even put on clothes or get out of bed. I let life keep knocking me down and I did nothing about it. 

BUT NOT ANY MORE! Through the faith of god and the journey of self love I came to love myself more than anyone else could. I want so many women and men to feel that feeling. Life is going to try and knock us down, and its a persistent bitch. So you got to show it who’s B O S S. I’m not trying to teach anyone how to be confident or be strong, I am just showing that it can happen. I am not perfect in anyway, but parts of my life can be. 

G O D ‘ S  M A S T E R P I E C E 

M O M M Y 

W I F E 

D I V A 

B O S S B A B E 

S U R V I V O R